Call W Berhad

About Us

About Us

Who We Are

CALL W was established by a team of passionate professional specialised in investment, banking, financial market and corporate advisory with over 100 accumulative years of experience.

We specialize in raising funds for businesses and individuals, providing corporate advisory services to help companies make strategic decisions, assisting with initial public offerings, facilitating mergers and acquisitions, managing assets, and helping with debt restructuring. Our team of experienced professionals is here to help clients navigate the complex world of finance and make informed decisions that lead to long-term success.

Call W Berhad

Mission & Vision


Call W aims to provide all our customers with the best advice and also services that they can have as every action taken will bear critical consequences towards us and our customers. We are there to steer the whole course together with our customer towards a meaningful balance between risks and rewards.


For us at Call W, we wanted to realize Call W to be one of the top providers in Malaysia for capital related solutions. We aim to be one of the best as with what we are offering. In addition, we aim to extend our reach towards all companies be it from bottom-up or top-bottom, bringing Call W existence from an employee upwards to C-Suite executives. Nevertheless, Call W aims to be involved in the international arena be it EMEA, Americas or the European continent.


Our Investment Advisors work closely with clients conducting a thorough analysis of their financial situation, identifying their investment objectives, and recommending specific investment vehicles and asset allocation strategies that align with those goals.


CALL W provides one of the top investment advisory services by ensuring our client’s fund are well managed. With our advisor’s qualification and experience, we will ensure that the details of the investment are well studied, research and calculative risk have been taken into consideration.


Clients should also be aware of the fees associated with investment advisory services and any potential conflicts of interest that may exist. Overall, investment advisory services offer clients a valuable resource for making informed investment decisions that can help them achieve their financial goals over the long term.